Paychamp is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service in India & Middle East. It simplifies the process of mobile payments by charging users for digital goods & services through operator billing using the mobile phone bill or airtime. In addition, the user does not need to register, or be a credit or debit card holder to use Paychamp. By ensuring higher conversions, Paychamp enables digital businesses to profitably connect with over 700 million paying mobile phone users across India and Middle East. This makes it one of the most effective ways to pay through mobile.

Why Paychamp?

Why mobile payments?

  • Customers prefer to pay for digital goods and services using their mobile phone bill/airtime
  • Barriers in using credit/debit card in small value transactions
  • Credit cards reach less than 10% of the mobile population in India & Middle East
  • A significant percentage of youth are outside the electronic payment system

Why Paychamp?

  • Widest reach for any mobile payment service in India & Middle East
  • Paychamp is deeply integrated with operators in India & Middle East giving the best consumer purchasing experience
  • Once integrated, it is so easy to operate that the users keep coming back. 80% of our users are repeat customers
  • Our real-time reporting capabilities ensure access to critical analytics that enable better decisions and keep your business in business

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How it works

  • Step One

    Step One

    A consumer browses on the mobile internet and decides to make a purchase.

  • Step Two

    Step Two

    The consumer is redirected to the Paychamp payment service, and is shown the billable amount for confirmation.

  • Step Three

    Step Three

    Step Three

    The consumer’s account is charged, and is redirected back to the merchant website/app. The consumer gets access to the digital good/service.

Benefits for Merchants

Paychamp is one of the simplest ways to pay for digital goods/services on the mobile internet by consumers who do not want to use their credit/debit card online, or who do not have access to mobile banking.

Wide reach

With access to 700 million paying mobile users through direct operator billing in India & Middle East, Paychamp has the widest reach.

Simple & easy
Simple & easy integration
Simple and easy to integrate API gives you a one-stop-shop to monetize your digital goods/services across operator networks and across geographies.

Drive incremental revenue
Build a growing revenue stream by reaching a whole new set of consumers and maximize your returns with high conversion rates.

Make informed

Make informed decisions
You can leverage on a sophisticated online analytics tool along with our local market intelligence and marketing ecosystem created over 14 years of experience.

Quality Service
Paychamp offers best payouts and shortest payment cycles for you along with superior quality of service.


Benefits for Consumers

With Paychamp, consumers can charge their purchases directly to their pre-paid mobile balance or post paid bill. It is the easiest and safest way to pay for your digital purchases on the Mobile Web.

Easy and convenient
Easy and convenient

One click payment process for digital goods / services using the mobile internet – its never been so easy and convenient for consumers to pay.

Highly Secure
Highly Secure

With no need to register or enter any credit/debit card details, it is amongst the safest payment options.

Consumer Care
Customer Care

Dedicated customer care team with a strong emphasis on customer delight.


What is Paychamp?
Paychamp is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service that uses direct operator billing to charge users for digital goods & services so that they can pay through the mobile phone bill or airtime.

Which operators are currently supporting payments using Paychamp?
Airtel, IDEA, Vodafone and BSNL in India.
Du Mobile and Etisalat in Middle East.

Whom should I contact if had a problem with my purchase made through Paychamp?
Please write to

Whom should I contact if I want to create a service that uses Paychamp?
Please write to with your company and product details as well as price point requirements.

What kind of goods and services can use Paychamp?
Paychamp enables merchants to charge consumers for digital / virtual goods and services that are consumable through mobile devices. This would include apps, premium content, e-books, e-coupons, e-articles, e-learning, classified ads, games and other such digital software. If you have any further queries about this topic, please write to

What kind of pricing can my goods / services have using Paychamp?
Depending on the telecom operator policies / guidelines, Paychamp supports billing in India from Rs. 1 to Rs. 500 and in UAE , from AED 1 to AED 25

What are the typical payouts for Paychamp in India?
The Department of Telecom (DoT) deducts a wireless planning & coordination charge (WPC) from the end user price. This varies from state to state, but as an average, it would be about 15%. After the deduction, telecom operators in India share up to 70% of the net revenue with Paychamp and its merchant partners. For more details on revenue shares/terms, please write to

What is the typical payouts for Paychamp in UAE?
Telecom operators in UAE pay up to 55% revenue share of the end user price with Paychamp and its merchant partners. For more details on revenue shares / terms, please write to

What is the typical payout cycle for Paychamp?
Most telecom operators pay us between 60-90 days of invoicing and we payout to our merchant partners within 15 working days of receiving the payment. Therefore the entire settlement process is between 90-120 days at the end of the calendar month.

How do I integrate with Paychamp?
Paychamp supports both browser-based billing as well as in-app purchases. All of this is done through a simple and single point integration process with an JSON based API. For more details please refer to the guidelines by clicking on the following -

Browser based billing

How much time does it take for my service to go live with Paychamp?
It usually takes less than a week's time to integrate and test. Once the UAT is complete, merchants may take their services live, start promoting to their users and start earning revenue!